Drew42 (wsbsdrewnelson) wrote in sme_utw,

I've apparently stumbled across a dead community.

I'm not a long-time fan of SME. I'm just a radio DJ with an ear for production and aspirations to produce music.

I've only been introduced to SME through Kevin Highfield (former SME drummer and alleged ass-buddy best friend of Josh Chambers) and his wife, Neysa. I have been randomly exposed to nearly everything they've done.

I've heard "Conditioned by the Laugh Track" three or four times by now. I am quite pleased. Good production, great songs, consistantly a damn good album all the way through. Kevin and Neysa broke my SME live-show cherry tonight. They played a house show in their hometown of Rome, GA. I was, likewise, pleased. The sound was very true to the studio sound, and I enjoyed thoroughly.

That's my story.
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