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Sloppy Meateaters fans
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This is the first community ever for the band Sloppy Meateaters/Under The Weather. However, Under The Weather didn't last too long, and now they have reverted back to the name Sloppy Meateaters. You can all sleep easier now. So, if you like them, have heard of them, or are just  bored,  join this fine  piece  of  ass  community.  It's  um...fun  and  stuff.

There aren't any rules, because there doesn't seem to be a purpose for them here at the  moment.  Look  kids,  anarchy!

Also, if you're into Sloppy Meateaters, or not, check out Punch-Drunk. It's the other band featuring...most of the Sloppy Meateeaters, and they are worth giving a listen to.

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